Everything you need to know about HeyFood PRO (upgrading, features, benefits)

In the HeyFood app you have the option to upgrade to HeyFood PRO. This article explains the key differences between the free and paid versions of HeyFood, along with instructions on how to activate your subscription.

HeyFood PRO Features

By upgrading the HeyFood PRO, you have unlimited access to the following features:

Voice Controlled Cooking

No more sticky screens. No more losing your place. Follow a recipe from start to finish without touching the screen.

Access PRO recipes

View every single one of our 5,000+ delicious recipes and organise them into unlimited, personalised recipe collections.

Access PRO meal plans

Unlimited access to our premium automated meal plans. Save time deciding what to cook, let HeyFood do it for you!

Import all of your best recipes

Have a killer lasagne recipe? Import it into HeyFood and save it alongside all your new recipes. Non-PRO accounts are limited to 10 imports.

No adverts

Nobody likes ads! Help us banish them by subscribing.

Benefits of subscribing

Becoming a subscriber not only unlocks the above features, it also comes with the following benefits:

  • Discover and cook tried & tested recipes that are healthy, simple and delicious.
  • Eliminate the age-old problem “what’s for dinner?” with recipes & meal plans matched to your exact tastes.
  • Reach health or diet goals faster than ever before and never run out of new ideas.
  • Save time and money by planning meals & ordering groceries online, without leaving the app.
  • Help fight food waste. 5% of your subscription fee goes to charities that feed vulnerable people with food that would otherwise be wasted.

How to subscribe to HeyFood PRO

Upgrading to a HeyFood PRO subscription is easy. Simply tap the Settings tab and then tap “HeyFood PRO”.

From there you’ll be able to choose a subscription that matches your needs:

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